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To enhance the power transfer capability between Western and Northern Regions, the following WR - NR Inter-regional corridor has been approved:

Vindhyachal Pooling Station - Varanasi 765kV D/c line

The corridor shall provide strong connectivity between NR and WR grids and facilitate reliable flow of power from various generation projects in WR to load centers in NR.

Project Elements

765 kV Vindhyanchal Pooling Station- Varanasi D/C line

Name of project specific SPV

WR-NR Power Transmission Limited

Name of the successful Bidder

Project under Bidding

Date of transfer of SPV to successful Bidder/Effective Date 24.04.2015

Project under Bidding

Scheduled COD of the Project

Project under Bidding

Levelized Transmission tariff of successful Bidder

Project under Bidding

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