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A Common High Capacity Transmission Corridor was planned for ISGS generations in Srikakulam area, which includes Srikakulam Pooling Station – Angul 765kV D/C line and Angul – Jharsuguda - Dharamjaigarh 765kV D/C lines. However, developments in coal regulation in Indonesia, Australia and other countries have resulted in slowing down of capacity addition based on imported coal. As a consequence, the Southern Region is expected to be a net importer of power from neighbouring regions. Under such uncertainty of generation projects and delay in implementation, the Southern Region may need to import huge quantum of power, which may need augmentation of existing / under implementation / planned inter-regional links. Towards this, utilizing Angul – Srikakulam Pooling Station line proposed with IPPs in Srikakulam area, additional inter-regional AC interconnection between Southern & Eastern regions is being established through Srikakulam Pooling Station to Vemagiri 765kV D/C line.

This additional inter-regional link shall facilitate import of power to meet the requirement of power from other surplus regions. However, with the import through this link, beyond Khamman towards N'Sagar, critical loading were observed and therefore, Khammam – N'Sagar 400kV D/C line is being envisaged to address such critical loadings. This line shall facilitate in dispersal of power to Southern Region constituents beyond Khammam.

Project Elements

1. Srikakulam PP – Vemagiri-II Pooling Station 765kV D/c line.

2. Khammam – NagarjunaSagar 400 kV D/c line.

Name of project specific SPV

Vizag Transmission Limited

Name of the successful Bidder

M/s Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

Date of transfer of SPV to successful Bidder/Effective Date

30th August 2013

Scheduled COD of the Project

29th August 2016

Levelized Transmission tariff of successful Bidder

Rs. 2311.34 million per annum


Result of financial bids

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