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Kala Amb/ Poanta/ Giri area is an existing load centre in Himachal Pradesh with a present power demand of about 350 MVA, which is likely to increase about 500 MVA by 2015-16. However the available generation and transmission network in the area is not adequate to meet the present load. In order to meet the present and future load requirement of the area, establishment of a 400/220 kV substation at Kala Amb by LILO of the KarchamWangtoo – Abdullapur 400kV D/c is proposed under the scheme. Further considering the issue of hilly terrain & scarcity of land in Himachal Pradesh, the substation shall be established as GIS station and the LILO would be carried out on Multi-circuit Towers to conserve R-o-W.

Karcham Wangtoo – Abdullapur 400kV D/c line is an existing Quad conductor line and in the grid is connected parallel to triple snow bird lines. In order to increase loadability of this line for better sharing of load, 40% series compensation on 400 kV Karcham Wangtoo – Abdullapur D/c line is proposed. This would not only improve loadability of Karcham Wangtoo – Abdullapur D/c but also help in reducing the oscillations.

Project Elements

Establishment of a 7 x 105 MVA (1- ph.), 400/220 kV GIS substation at Kala Amb

400 kV

Line Bays: 4 No.

400/220 kV ICT: 7 x 105 (1-ph)

ICT bays: 2 no.

Bus Reactor (80 MVAR): 2 no.

Bus Reactor Bay: 2 no.

Space for line/ICT bays: 4 no.

Space for ICT: 1 no.

220 kV

• Line Bays: 6 no.

• ICT bays: 2 no.

• Space for line/ICT bays: 4 no.

• LILO of both circuits of KarchamWangtoo – Abdullapur 400 kV D/C (Quad Moose) line at Kala Amb (on multi Ckt towers)

• 40% Series Compensation on 400 kV KarchamWangtoo – Kala Amb quad D/C line at Kala Amb ends

Name of project specific SPV

NRSS XXXI (A) Transmission Limited

Name of the successful Bidder

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

Date of transfer of SPV to successful Bidder/Effective Date

12 May, 2014

Scheduled COD of the Project

12 July, 2017

Levelized Transmission tariff of successful Bidder

Rs. 594.34 million per annum


Result of financial bids

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