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  • To facilitate smooth and rapid development of transmission and distribution capacity in the country and for accelerated growth of power sector & enrichment of quality of life of all segments of population.
  • To act as a competitive, client-friendly and development-oriented organization for promoting projects covering power generation, power conservation, power transmission and power distribution network in the country.



  • To plan, promote, develop, design, engineer, construct, operate and maintain "electricity system" as defined under Section 2(25) of the Electricity Act, 2003
  • To promote organize or carry on the business of consultancy services and/or project implementation in any field of activity relating to generation & transmission, distribution of electricity or other related activities thereto in India and abroad.
  • Procurement of transmission services, including all activities relating to survey, / detailed project report formulation, arranging finance, project management, obtaining right of way, necessary clearances, site identification, land compensation, design, engineering, equipment, material, construction, erection, testing and commissioning.
  • To undertake transmission activities, to apply for requisite licences and to do all things incidental to such activities which is, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, necessary for fulfillment of the objects of the Company;
  • To promote and undertake the formation of project specific company/ies, or the formation of any institution, subsidiary company or companies for the purpose of carrying out the aforesaid activities and for the furtherance of transmission services
  • To enter into Joint Ventures or merge any Company or any of the, companies/subsidiaries formed by the Company in pursuance of its objects as aforesaid;

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