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Govt. of India has set a target for establishing 175 GW renewable capacity by 2022 which includes 100 GW Solar, 60 GW Wind generation capacity. This includes wind potential of about 6GW in Bhuj complex, 2GW in Lakadia and 1.5GW in Dwarka. For integration and evacuation of power from generation projects in the above areas, a high capacity 765kV and 400 kV transmission system interconnecting Bhuj, Lakadia, Banaskantha, Vadodara & Dwarka along with establishment of 765/400/220kV new substation at Bhuj-II & Lakadia and 400/220kV new substation at Jam Khambhaliya (Dwarka) have been planned.
The subject transmission scheme involves establishment of 765/400kV Lakadia Pooling station along with LILO of Bhachau – EPGL 400 kV D/c (triple) line at Lakadia PS and Bhuj PS – Lakadia PS 765kV D/c line which helps in transfer of power from RE sources in the Kutch area of Gujarat (Bhuj Complex) to Lakadia for onward dispersal of power to their respective beneficiaries.
The proposal has been agreed in the 1st meeting of Western Region Standing Committee on Transmission (WRSCT) held on 5.9.2018. The same was agreed in the 3rd ECT meeting held on 21.12.2018 for implementation through TBCB route with a commissioning schedule of December, 2020.

Project Elements

Establishment of 2x1500MVA, 765/400kV Lakadia PSwith 765kV (1x330MVAR) & 400kV (1x125 MVAR) bus reactor

• 2x1500MVA, 765/400kV

• 400kV ICT bay-2

• 765kV ICT bay-2

• 400kV line bay-4

• 765kV line bay-2

• 1x330MVAr, 765 kV, 1x125MVAr, 420 kV

• 765kV Reactor bay- 1

• 400kV Reactor bay -1

Future provisions:

Space for:

i) 765/400kV ICTs along with bays: 2 nos.

ii) 400/220kV ICTs along with bays: 8 nos.

iii) 765kV line bays:4 nos.

iv) 400kV line bays: 6 nos.

v) 220kV line bays: 16 nos

vi) 765kV bus reactor along with bays: 1no

vii) 400kV bus reactor along with bays: 1no

1. LILO of Bhachau – EPGL 400kV D/c (triple) line at Lakadia PS

2. Bhuj PS – Lakadia PS 765kV D/c line

3. 2 nos of 765kV bays at Bhuj PS for Bhuj PS – Lakadia PS 765kV D/c line

Name of project specific SPV


Name of the successful Bidder M/s Adani Transmission Limited
Date of transfer of SPV to successful Bidder/Effective Date 14.10.2019
Scheduled COD of the Project December, 2020
Levelized Transmission tariff of successful Bidder 951.29 Million


Result of financial bids

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